I'm excited to share my perspective, reflections and stories with you from the eyes of a Tsuut'ina Chief.
In this blog you'll find a gathering of earlier articles and writings along with new posts, talks and more.

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Our Legislative Tipi

Tsuut’ina Nation Chief and Council in front of the new Legislative Procedures Technical Services “Sovereignty” Tipi.

Rally and Day of Action in Ottawa

Chief Poundmaker Exonorated

Personalizing Treaty

New Bee Packages Are Here

Video from Tsuut’ina Bee Initiative Workshop


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Dancing with Kinship

Winter is Ending

Visions of Reality

Winter’s Wind


Losing Mom


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Personalizing Treaty

Tsuut’ina Vision of Shared Future

What is TsuuT’ina about?

Dinner with Calgary Mayor and Council

The Nihisgaka Ogha Dinner Series