Federal Party Platforms on Climate Change

I’m sharing  this excellent two-page overview of where the Canadian federal political parties stand on climate change.  Prepared by our provincial tribal council (AOTC). Click the chart to read or download the pdf.

At a glance, the chart outlines and compares:

  • Climate Ambition
  • Key Actions
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Direct Support to First Nations


Liberal Party: Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (*Not their formal platform) 

United Conservatives: A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment Climate Target

New Democratic Party: A New Deal for Climate Action and Good Jobs  

Green Party: Mission Possible – The Green Climate Action Plan

One Comment on “Federal Party Platforms on Climate Change”

  1. None of the plans explain how the method of Canadian home heating will change with the diminished use of fossil fuels. Restricting supply via bans on pipeline expansion and fracking will cause a spike in fossil fuel costs and an increased burden on families. I would have most confidence in the party that has a plan for R&D in the areas of energy storage that will allow us to truly benefit from sun, solar and geothermal energy sources.

    Though some parties are providing lip service to indigenous communities, this energy transfer will not be enough to heat homes and facilities.

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